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Here's the episode of 98 RockTV that I'm on... Set to air on WBAL+ (This is the 98 Rock thing I did back in July of 2011)...My segment starts at about minute 13... It'll be on this Saturday 4-28-12 and Sunday 4-29-12 nights at 12 midnight... so technically it'd be the 29th and 30th I guess.. Channel 208 on Comcast and 406 on Fios. Crazy. I wasn't sure of how to sit and I was soo nervous I thought I'd throw up. They have a lot of the sho gun fighters as guests, some hot chicks, and a little of some other crazy shit.. I guess I fall into the "some other crazy shit" category! Lol! Had to pretend there was an audience and we didn't see the video clip but we cut for like 5 seconds then had to laugh like we had just watched it. They called me a 'natural' a time or two.. Maybe they said it to everyone :)
Ok. So after a long day of training ( others as well as myself) I decided to go to Dunkin Donuts for an ice coffee. As I'm about to back out, a car zooms up behind me like a bat out of hell. Whatever. Felt a little kick start to my heart for a second, but it was cool cause I wasn't backing out fast or anything, but I did think to myself " f*ckin idiot." :)
The car pulled into the spot next to me and the occupants, 2 silly ass little girls (early 20's maybe?), evil eyeballin me! WTF?! I wasn't the f*ckin idiot in this little scenario! So they're talkin, look over at me, laugh then get out of their car and walk into DD, but not before a look back at me like I was some piece of crap. Well.. Oh Shit! I thought my heart rate shot up when they came flying up behind me? Now it was balls to the wall triple time. I was quick to the point, suddenly PISSED!
_What did I do? Without thinking.. I took off my shirt ( I had a long sleeve over a tank top) got out of my truck and took my ass BACK into Dunkin Donuts.

I walked in one saw me, eyes widened, her friend looked at me and BOTH whipped their eyes quick as hell to the front of the store. I stood there, feeling 10 feet tall, bullet proof and ready to rumble. They got their stuff and as they turned to leave I gave them BOTH a hard ass 'dare stare' dead in their faces. They looked nervous, they left and I ordered another ice coffee (I have no idea why).

I got in my truck and sat there thinking.. "Why? Why did I just do that? What made me go in there when I could have just left?" People have done all kinds of gestures and little road rage type stuff  before and I've mostly always been like whatever. What was it this time? I'm here now thinking and maybe it was the way they made me feel, like I was a piece of shit. HOW did they make ME feel like that? I don't know, but I know that people can't make you feel any certain way unless you ALLOW them to. Or maybe it was the 'old' me, the me from my younger days, that just said "You may not like me and you don't have to. You may not even respect me, but you WILL NOT disrespect me!" I don't know. Lost my ever loving mind for a few minutes. I forgive myself.. It happens....
__But you know.. It's funny. People tell me good things they like about me all the time and yet soo many people also tell me that I don't give myself enough credit. For anything. And I can see that. But one thing I DO know is that I can be one Bad Ass Ferocious Bitch when pushed the wrong way( I wouldn't say I was a Bad Ass Ferocious Bitch in this particular situation, however. Just a pissed off, ready to knock heads, bitch :) ). I may keep an optimistic and positive outlook and and Always try to see the other persons/people side in conflicts/disagreements/arguments and Always try to be kind to people because this World tries to beat us down enough that we shouldn't do it to each other. Ever, if we can help it. But I'll tell you what. Mess with my family, mess with my friends or mess with me and take it a little too far and I'll tear the Living ass off of someone. Remember....No matter who you may meet in life.. Never mistake kindness for weakness! Never think that a 'happy go lucky' person can be pushed and won't turn around and drop your ass quicker than you can blink. And just because you're 'Bad Ass' ( yes,like me:) ).. Never think that there ain't someone out there that can't take your ass down too!
And regardless of ANYTHING else... Should you get knocked down, in ANY capacity.. Get Back Up!!! Because it don't mean shit how many times you fall, it's how many times you get your ass back up. And remember this... Babe Ruth had the most home runs... But he also had the most strike outs!
Never give up. Never give in. Stand tall. Stay Strong!!!!
So, a little while ago I was telling everyone that I took a chance and just went for something.. Well, it didn't work out the way I had hoped OR planned....
BUT! This is me we're talkin about and I'm already off and running on plan B!

There's a country song that goes something like" Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers" and while it wasn't what I'd call a prayer, it was a Hope. It was something I did Really want to see come to fruition the exact Way I wanted it to, but... It'll still happen. It's just gonna take a different path to get to the same end...

Like me. .I've damn near ALWAYS taken the path least taken OR I just create my own.
Why should this be any different? Well... It WAS going to be the Easier path! Lol! Oh well : )

You may be wondering" well what the Hell was it?" Not Was..Is. So, I'm STILL going to keep it to myself until it happens. AND because what it is is So kick ass that I'm kinda nervous that someone might steal my plan/idea.

So for now.. I'm keepin it to myself! ;^) 

Here's something I am willing to share... There's an old reality show returning that I use to LOVE and I applied to a few times before I lost the weight from my youngest and before I went buck ass nuts with the tattoos...
Me sometime in late 2003ish I think...
It was before I became hell bent and determined to get on Survivor.. It was....
That's right. Fear Factor! There are only two things I can honestly think of that I DO NOT want to do! And I ain't tellin no one!
So, yeah... I'll be applying. Where else can a bad ass, can't sit still for five minutes, tattooed, changing her mind like the wind changes directions type chick make quick easy money like that?  I'll tell you where... Fear Factor! Because fear is Not a factor for me..
Well unless it's one or both of those two things that I ain't tellin no one about....

The purpose of Outlaw Fitness/FitNut Performance is to help people lead a Healthy and Strong life, not to just get them in shape. Fitness and Nutrition combined for optimum performance for life.