Outlaw Fitness/FitNut Performance focuses on getting people Healthy and Strong, not just in shape. Fitness and Nutrition combined for optimum performance for life.
Here are some of my tips to help you move more...

One of the best things you can do for yourself is More everyday movement. Walk more, move more, sit less. LOTS of natural movement is Key to a healthy weight. Park farther from the entrance at the store, make several trips to take your groceries into the house, take the stairs, etc...
IF you eat at a fast food chain, Never use the drive-thru. Anywhere. Park and WALK inside to get what you need. ( And as a big help towards your goals... while your in there, attempt to pic a healthier option)
Walk the kids to a different bus stop on the route on nice days.

Pace/walk around EVERY time your on the phone.

Take the trash out yourself instead of handling that job to someone else

Cook AND serve your family dinner, you get a 1,2,3 punch..1-More moving 2-YOU are in control to make healthy options and 3-Precious family time.Life is short.Enjoy your loved ones NOW
At home (or work) drive 1/2 mile( being aware of where 1/4 mile is) and now you have markers for when you want to walk a 1/2 mile or a whole mile. Walk or jog to either point then turn around and walk or jog home.

When you check the mail, take the longest route ( out the back door to get to the mailbox?) then go back the same way.

Walk ANYWHERE that takes you less than 5 minutes to drive....

These are just a few tips I put on my Outlaw Fitness facebook page. I welcome ANY that you guys would like to add. I'm always looking for ways to help others become more active. Which leads me to my pedometer give away....
{{ Video a little shaky.. My youngest did the recording :) }}
I too, have a pedometer and I wear it Everyday. Even when I workout (most of the time when I workout, depends what I'm doing).

I recently read that people who workout 1 hour a day but are sedentary the rest of the day burn Less calories than someone who don't do a traditional workout but are active 75-80% of the day.
So, get your regular workout in ( EVERYONE needs to because actual "exercise" is needed for WAY more benefits than JUST the calorie burn!) AND Stay active ALL day!

Congrats to the pedometer winners:
1st Place-Joanne Marsalek
2nd Place-Heather Dubin

Stay tuned for more giveaways to help you make positive changes and Get Moving!

THIS is Your Life! THE only one you have so do YOU a favor and get yourself... your body, mind and spirit Strong!

LOVE THIS LIFE! It's all we got......

Get. Feel. Be. Live. ..Strong!

The purpose of Outlaw Fitness/FitNut Performance is to help people lead a Healthy and Strong life, not to just get them in shape. Fitness and Nutrition combined for optimum performance for life.