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Eric ProvenzNo
4/26/2011 11:07:36 am

Jen, What are some ways to minimize hunger pangs when someone is just trying to lose a few pounds?

4/27/2011 09:57:55 pm

Hey Eric! I know I replied the other day at www.facebook.com/outlawfitness but I'll answer here as well to get use to this site : )..
So I would say 1st drink a full glass of water( sometimes we mistake hunger for thirst) maybe do some kind of moderate to intense exercise for 30 minutes( exercise curbs your appetite, but Too much exercise May increase it) or have s...ome kind of low calorie high fiber food source OR you could even have some sort of fiber supplement.
But if your having a craving you're trying to get rid of.. either have a Tiny bit of that which you crave ( still have water first) and/or either a 10 minute brisk walk or 10 minutes of some sort of moderate activity OR if it's sweet that you crave,try having high fiber sweet fruit such as an apple or pear(add some peanut butter or cottage cheese to it and it'll keep you satiated for some time) .. Hope this helps.. Let me know either way : )


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