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Happy Friday 13th everyone! : )
I said this this morning and a woman said "Oh shit! You HAD to remind me didn't you?"

It's funny how so many people are superstitious of this day in a negative way, when the opposite is true for me. I look forward to them. It's Valentine's day that I'm leery as hell about. It's on that day that I've had things happen like.. My car window broke one year, someone stole my WHOLE workout bag one year ( I bout had a damn heart attack on THAT Valentines) and just other random things that I could really do without. But Friday the 13th's are fine by me. No problems . Yet... Knock on wood!
And it's that reason I decided that today was as good as any to make a move in my fitness career. To at least make an Attempt at something. Something kinda different...

I've been steadily taking steps to get myself where I'd like to be one of these days and today.. Well today I took a leap. I won't say just yet WHAT it is, but I'll know (hopefully) within the next month if it's a go. And IF it is, I Believe it'll end up Big. ( Well, I tend to think like that Anyway!)
I've been holding back for some reason. Could it be because of..... Fear? If so, fear of what? Of it not working? Looking dumb? Failure? Or maybe even fear of success? That last one's crazy, right? I read something on that recently and it kinda made me wonder... But I don't think that IS the case with me. Maybe the unknown? Who knows? Don't matter now anyway, because I did it. I went ahead and I leaped....
So now I'll wait and I'll keep doing consistently, what I've been doing, to get me exactly where I want to be. I ain't afraid of hard work. I welcome it. It's those things, those times in our lives that we find the Most challenging, the hardest most difficult times.. It's THOSE times that make us who we truly are and build our true character. It's during those times that we truly find out who we are and what we can really do. And let me tell you.. ALL of us.. we can do a lot! We are all so MUCH more than what we see with our eyes.  We are all fighters, We are all survivors because we've ALL, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US, have already won our biggest fight, our biggest race the hardest one we'll EVER go through, though we don't remember it. Fight, Strength and Survival is ingrained into the Very fiber of ALL of our beings...
We fought our first fight HARD. Our fight for Life itself.. and we ALL won. So WHY? Why, EVER give up once we're here?
So Live Strong and Never Give up Hope!

Happy Friday the 13th Everyone!!!
5/13/2011 11:42:13 pm

Hey Jen,

I see you've added some more stuff to the website, it looks great.

5/14/2011 01:42:27 am

Thanks for saying so Tim! I'm Trying:)


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