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So, a little while ago I was telling everyone that I took a chance and just went for something.. Well, it didn't work out the way I had hoped OR planned....
BUT! This is me we're talkin about and I'm already off and running on plan B!

There's a country song that goes something like" Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers" and while it wasn't what I'd call a prayer, it was a Hope. It was something I did Really want to see come to fruition the exact Way I wanted it to, but... It'll still happen. It's just gonna take a different path to get to the same end...

Like me. .I've damn near ALWAYS taken the path least taken OR I just create my own.
Why should this be any different? Well... It WAS going to be the Easier path! Lol! Oh well : )

You may be wondering" well what the Hell was it?" Not Was..Is. So, I'm STILL going to keep it to myself until it happens. AND because what it is is So kick ass that I'm kinda nervous that someone might steal my plan/idea.

So for now.. I'm keepin it to myself! ;^) 

Here's something I am willing to share... There's an old reality show returning that I use to LOVE and I applied to a few times before I lost the weight from my youngest and before I went buck ass nuts with the tattoos...
Me sometime in late 2003ish I think...
It was before I became hell bent and determined to get on Survivor.. It was....
That's right. Fear Factor! There are only two things I can honestly think of that I DO NOT want to do! And I ain't tellin no one!
So, yeah... I'll be applying. Where else can a bad ass, can't sit still for five minutes, tattooed, changing her mind like the wind changes directions type chick make quick easy money like that?  I'll tell you where... Fear Factor! Because fear is Not a factor for me..
Well unless it's one or both of those two things that I ain't tellin no one about....
Tim Ament
6/4/2011 06:26:30 am

Sorry to hear things didn't pan out the way you hoped for but anything that is worth something in life never comes easy. When you "DO" achieve your goal it will be that much sweeter. Stay focused and strong!!!

6/4/2011 08:27:22 am

Thanks Tim! :)

6/4/2011 09:28:43 am

Good Luck Jen, I hope you get it this time. We love you and will be watching as you eat a hissing cock roach...lol :)

6/4/2011 11:55:30 am

Lol! Carla, I'd eat the bastard alright. I wouldn't like it one little bit, but my ass would do it! And don't you lie because you know that for $50,000 your ass would too! Lol! I Love You too little sister<3


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