Outlaw Fitness/FitNut Performance focuses on getting people Healthy and Strong, not just in shape. Fitness and Nutrition combined for optimum performance for life.

    All I can say is... Wow!  Today was Amazing!  I connected with so many awesome, yet knowledgeable people at the 1 day Learn By Doing Seminar. The presenters were Lee Burton -( Understanding and Implementing Corrective Movement Strategies) ,Mike Boyle -(Success Secrets), Alwyn Cosgrove -(The Complete Action Guide to Fat Loss programming & Coaching) and Todd Durkin -( Creating Maximum I.M.P.A.C.T. in The Fitness Field).

 I learned SO much and I can Not wait to start using all of it on myself as well as my clients. Especially my clients because they will be the real ones reaping the true benefits of all I learned today. Learning how to identify and correct movement dysfunction. Learning that by doing what I love ( helping people) will lead me to success because I help people feel Good and feeling good is what living life should be about. Learning how to TRULY incinerate fat AND build fat burning metabolism stoking muscle, all while increasing strength and mobility WITHOUT having to kill my clients in their workouts. And I learned the need to Focus and to find inspiring ways to truly move my Soul and to help others find ways to move THEIR Souls.

   To NOT be afraid and that it is the ability to overcome a challenge that makes a champion!!
4/30/2011 10:33:11 am

I love you enthusiasm and dedication Jen, stay true to who you are and success is guaranteed. You're a true insperation to me and for that I say Thank You.

4/30/2011 11:00:27 am

Thank you Tim! You ALWAYS have the kindest things to say to me.. so again.. Thank YOU!

9/11/2012 07:24:53 pm

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The purpose of Outlaw Fitness/FitNut Performance is to help people lead a Healthy and Strong life, not to just get them in shape. Fitness and Nutrition combined for optimum performance for life.