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Here is a high protein, quick anytime meal that I LOVE! AND!.. It's meat free. Give it a try and let me know what you think :^)

Veggie Burger and Eggs

Start and finish.


1- Whole Egg
2- Egg Whites
1- Morning Star Grillers Original
(Optional ingredients: Pepper, Crushed Red Peppers, Veggies such as onion, mushrooms and green peppers go GREAT with this!)


*Put veggie burger on microwave safe plate and heat for 45 seconds high power.

*About the same time spray small pan with non-stick spray with stove on getting pan hot.

*Start the 2 egg whites.

*Flip veggie burger and heat for an additional 45 seconds( sometimes needs and extra 10-20 seconds AFTER the second 45 second bout).

*About the same time, add whole egg to egg whites continuing to "fry" the eggs.

*Remove veggie burger from microwave and cut into pieces. Flip eggs.

*Cook to your liking, but for this I like mine over easy, so after about a minute, I take the eggs off pan, place on top of veggie patty and chop the hell out of it, letting the yolk spill onto the "meat" :)

Side note about the veggie burger:

If you cook that bad boy too long, it'll be super hard and not very appetizing and it'll turn you off from these awesome tasting "burgers". Don't do it. I use to HATE these things. I cooked them for like 3 minutes is why! Lol! Follow the directions and you'll have a new favorite also :)

Nutritional Breakdown

1 Egg- 70Cal 5Fat 70Sodium 0Carb 6Protein

2 Egg Whites- 34Cal 0Fat 110Sodium 0Carb 8Protein

1 Morning Star Original Griller- 130Cal 6Fat 260Sodium 5Carb 2Fiber 15Protein

Total Meal

234 -Calories
11 -Fat
440 -Sodium
5 -Carb
2 -Fiber
29 -Protein!!

To increase calories ( never less than 1200 a day) and fill-you-up fiber( ALWAYS 25-35 grams a day, no less and no more), add a serving of fruit.

Don't chop it all up and have it as a sandwich on 100% whole wheat bread!


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