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Well for starters, when you eat breakfast, you are "breaking the fast" and why is that important? Try to imagine going from 10am to 8pm without ANYTHING to eat. You'd be hungry as hell and if your anything like me, mean as all get out, to go with it.
But that's FAR from the only reason to "break the fast". When your awake your metabolism slows down every few hours in it's effort to preserve energy (so imagine.. it's at a snails pace by time you wake up) and prolonged fasting — which occurs when you skip breakfast — can increase your body's insulin response, which in turn increases fat storage and weight gain. In fact, skipping breakfast actually increases your risk of obesity.

So if you wanna kick start your metabolism, the best way is to ALWAYS  have breakfast! If you don't, consider yourself doomed to a day of constant cravings..
And Not for the good for you stuff either because when you skip breakfast, you're Way more likely to skip fruits and vegetables the rest of the day!
Not just any old food items will do for your first meal of the day either. If you REALLY want to get your body started off in the right direction, make SURE you have adequate protein. I say aim for 20-30 grams  and NO LESS! People who eat a high-protein breakfast are more likely to feel full throughout the day than those who consume a high protein meal at any other time.

And if you want to add to the "burn"?.. Try adding some red pepper to that meal.

And if you wanna stay satiated Even longer? Add some fiber while your at it.
[Taken from You Losing Weight]- Red pepper, when eaten early in the day, decreases food intake later in the day. Some credit the ingredient capsaicin for being the catalyst for decreasing overall calorie intake and for increasing metabolism. It also appears to work by inhibiting sensory information from the intestines from reaching the brain, which is particularly effective in reducing appetite in low-fat diets. Capsaicin works by killing- or at least stunning- the messages that you're hungry. So add red pepper to your egg-white omelet.

Also!..Eating breakfast gives you energy, increasing your physical activity during the day. A healthy breakfast refuels your body, so do NOT skip this most important meal of the day!
If you're skipping breakfast — whether you're trying to save time or cut calories — you may want to reconsider, especially if you're trying to control your weight.

Today I was in a HUGE rush and here's what I had at 8:30am:
6oz. Chobani non-fat greek yogurt- 100cal,0fat,7carb,0fiber,18protein

1/8cup(also 2Tbs) Bear Naked Fit granola-60cal,1.2fat,11carb,1fiber,2protein

1&1/3Tbs Chia seeds-

1Tsp ground Flax seeds-

1mini box Raisins-
45cal,0fat,11carb,1fiber,0protein.. (I normally have 3/4 cup frozen berries {they are HIGH in anti-oxidants!} that have been thawed overnight in the fridge instead, but forgot to do it last night)

1/2scoop Designer Whey protein w/1/2tsp Psyllium-

Very filling, good on calories, low in fat( Tbs pb and small apple and protein drink around 11:30a will be next=good fat) and a whopping 1/3 daily fiber! Wanna slim down? Keep your fiber NO LESS THAN 25 grams a day. Most people get only about 10-15 grams in a day! I aim for 35, but not much more due to side effects I don't care for ;)

I have pre-made baggies of the 2nd,3rd and 4th ingredients. Also I like to have some days...
3-egg whites and 1-2 slices either low sodium or turkey bacon or turkey sausage on 2 slices of 100%whole wheat toast with a 1/2 piece of natural American cheese.

Remember this... Eating breakfast gets you on track to make healthy choices all day. People who eat breakfast regularly tend to eat a healthier diet — one that is more nutritious and Naturally lower in bad fats.

And ALWAYS!! Always! Make your kids eat breakfast.. because studies show that children who eat breakfast perform better on cognitive tests and in school.
shannon smith
5/18/2011 08:19:52 am

great stuff jen! thanks for the always great tips and info ~*~shan

5/18/2011 08:44:29 am

I couldn't agree more, if I start the day out eating right I tend to eat good the whole day. If I start out bad or skip breakfast the whole day is shot. I seem to be all or nothing when it comes to eating right. Great blog!!!

5/18/2011 09:37:42 am

If this is what you eat to look the way you do I'm trying it! Great Blog!!!

5/18/2011 10:50:03 am

Thanks guys! One of these days I'll blog what I typically eat in a day. Not sure when because I eat A Lot in a day and I'm sure it'll take me Forever to write it all : ) Thanks for reading!

5/18/2011 01:20:30 pm

Good stuff!!!! I now know how important it is to eat breakfast.....now I just need to stop hitting the snooze button and make me a healthy breakfast!

5/18/2011 09:12:05 pm

Hey Patricia! Thanks! And STOP hitting that snooze button! Check out what I wrote about sleep in my post Tuesday at 10:23pm at facebook.com/outlawfitness . I think I'll blog about sleep soon.... :)

5/28/2011 07:03:02 am

Thanks for the tips about breakfast and listing what you eat! The info about the red pepper was new to me - interesting.


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