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Here's the episode of 98 RockTV that I'm on... Set to air on WBAL+ (This is the 98 Rock thing I did back in July of 2011)...My segment starts at about minute 13... It'll be on this Saturday 4-28-12 and Sunday 4-29-12 nights at 12 midnight... so technically it'd be the 29th and 30th I guess.. Channel 208 on Comcast and 406 on Fios. Crazy. I wasn't sure of how to sit and I was soo nervous I thought I'd throw up. They have a lot of the sho gun fighters as guests, some hot chicks, and a little of some other crazy shit.. I guess I fall into the "some other crazy shit" category! Lol! Had to pretend there was an audience and we didn't see the video clip but we cut for like 5 seconds then had to laugh like we had just watched it. They called me a 'natural' a time or two.. Maybe they said it to everyone :)
Ok. So after a long day of training ( others as well as myself) I decided to go to Dunkin Donuts for an ice coffee. As I'm about to back out, a car zooms up behind me like a bat out of hell. Whatever. Felt a little kick start to my heart for a second, but it was cool cause I wasn't backing out fast or anything, but I did think to myself " f*ckin idiot." :)
The car pulled into the spot next to me and the occupants, 2 silly ass little girls (early 20's maybe?), evil eyeballin me! WTF?! I wasn't the f*ckin idiot in this little scenario! So they're talkin, look over at me, laugh then get out of their car and walk into DD, but not before a look back at me like I was some piece of crap. Well.. Oh Shit! I thought my heart rate shot up when they came flying up behind me? Now it was balls to the wall triple time. I was quick to the point, suddenly PISSED!
_What did I do? Without thinking.. I took off my shirt ( I had a long sleeve over a tank top) got out of my truck and took my ass BACK into Dunkin Donuts.

I walked in one saw me, eyes widened, her friend looked at me and BOTH whipped their eyes quick as hell to the front of the store. I stood there, feeling 10 feet tall, bullet proof and ready to rumble. They got their stuff and as they turned to leave I gave them BOTH a hard ass 'dare stare' dead in their faces. They looked nervous, they left and I ordered another ice coffee (I have no idea why).

I got in my truck and sat there thinking.. "Why? Why did I just do that? What made me go in there when I could have just left?" People have done all kinds of gestures and little road rage type stuff  before and I've mostly always been like whatever. What was it this time? I'm here now thinking and maybe it was the way they made me feel, like I was a piece of shit. HOW did they make ME feel like that? I don't know, but I know that people can't make you feel any certain way unless you ALLOW them to. Or maybe it was the 'old' me, the me from my younger days, that just said "You may not like me and you don't have to. You may not even respect me, but you WILL NOT disrespect me!" I don't know. Lost my ever loving mind for a few minutes. I forgive myself.. It happens....
__But you know.. It's funny. People tell me good things they like about me all the time and yet soo many people also tell me that I don't give myself enough credit. For anything. And I can see that. But one thing I DO know is that I can be one Bad Ass Ferocious Bitch when pushed the wrong way( I wouldn't say I was a Bad Ass Ferocious Bitch in this particular situation, however. Just a pissed off, ready to knock heads, bitch :) ). I may keep an optimistic and positive outlook and and Always try to see the other persons/people side in conflicts/disagreements/arguments and Always try to be kind to people because this World tries to beat us down enough that we shouldn't do it to each other. Ever, if we can help it. But I'll tell you what. Mess with my family, mess with my friends or mess with me and take it a little too far and I'll tear the Living ass off of someone. Remember....No matter who you may meet in life.. Never mistake kindness for weakness! Never think that a 'happy go lucky' person can be pushed and won't turn around and drop your ass quicker than you can blink. And just because you're 'Bad Ass' ( yes,like me:) ).. Never think that there ain't someone out there that can't take your ass down too!
And regardless of ANYTHING else... Should you get knocked down, in ANY capacity.. Get Back Up!!! Because it don't mean shit how many times you fall, it's how many times you get your ass back up. And remember this... Babe Ruth had the most home runs... But he also had the most strike outs!
Never give up. Never give in. Stand tall. Stay Strong!!!!
Here is a high protein, quick anytime meal that I LOVE! AND!.. It's meat free. Give it a try and let me know what you think :^)

Veggie Burger and Eggs

Start and finish.


1- Whole Egg
2- Egg Whites
1- Morning Star Grillers Original
(Optional ingredients: Pepper, Crushed Red Peppers, Veggies such as onion, mushrooms and green peppers go GREAT with this!)


*Put veggie burger on microwave safe plate and heat for 45 seconds high power.

*About the same time spray small pan with non-stick spray with stove on getting pan hot.

*Start the 2 egg whites.

*Flip veggie burger and heat for an additional 45 seconds( sometimes needs and extra 10-20 seconds AFTER the second 45 second bout).

*About the same time, add whole egg to egg whites continuing to "fry" the eggs.

*Remove veggie burger from microwave and cut into pieces. Flip eggs.

*Cook to your liking, but for this I like mine over easy, so after about a minute, I take the eggs off pan, place on top of veggie patty and chop the hell out of it, letting the yolk spill onto the "meat" :)

Side note about the veggie burger:

If you cook that bad boy too long, it'll be super hard and not very appetizing and it'll turn you off from these awesome tasting "burgers". Don't do it. I use to HATE these things. I cooked them for like 3 minutes is why! Lol! Follow the directions and you'll have a new favorite also :)

Nutritional Breakdown

1 Egg- 70Cal 5Fat 70Sodium 0Carb 6Protein

2 Egg Whites- 34Cal 0Fat 110Sodium 0Carb 8Protein

1 Morning Star Original Griller- 130Cal 6Fat 260Sodium 5Carb 2Fiber 15Protein

Total Meal

234 -Calories
11 -Fat
440 -Sodium
5 -Carb
2 -Fiber
29 -Protein!!

To increase calories ( never less than 1200 a day) and fill-you-up fiber( ALWAYS 25-35 grams a day, no less and no more), add a serving of fruit.

Don't chop it all up and have it as a sandwich on 100% whole wheat bread!

This was Wednesday July 20, 2011 on 98 Rock Morning show. I had trained Justin Daniels (aka ..Justin Schlegel) the day before, with it being recorded, for a not yet aired TV show, to be called 98 Rock TV, that will be aired on WBAL.

This video was "behind the scenes" at a photo shoot I did with Mike Cadotte at MidAtlantic Photos 6-19-2011. The video was shot and edited by Bruce McClellan.  

So, a little while ago I was telling everyone that I took a chance and just went for something.. Well, it didn't work out the way I had hoped OR planned....
BUT! This is me we're talkin about and I'm already off and running on plan B!

There's a country song that goes something like" Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers" and while it wasn't what I'd call a prayer, it was a Hope. It was something I did Really want to see come to fruition the exact Way I wanted it to, but... It'll still happen. It's just gonna take a different path to get to the same end...

Like me. .I've damn near ALWAYS taken the path least taken OR I just create my own.
Why should this be any different? Well... It WAS going to be the Easier path! Lol! Oh well : )

You may be wondering" well what the Hell was it?" Not Was..Is. So, I'm STILL going to keep it to myself until it happens. AND because what it is is So kick ass that I'm kinda nervous that someone might steal my plan/idea.

So for now.. I'm keepin it to myself! ;^) 

Here's something I am willing to share... There's an old reality show returning that I use to LOVE and I applied to a few times before I lost the weight from my youngest and before I went buck ass nuts with the tattoos...
Me sometime in late 2003ish I think...
It was before I became hell bent and determined to get on Survivor.. It was....
That's right. Fear Factor! There are only two things I can honestly think of that I DO NOT want to do! And I ain't tellin no one!
So, yeah... I'll be applying. Where else can a bad ass, can't sit still for five minutes, tattooed, changing her mind like the wind changes directions type chick make quick easy money like that?  I'll tell you where... Fear Factor! Because fear is Not a factor for me..
Well unless it's one or both of those two things that I ain't tellin no one about....
Well for starters, when you eat breakfast, you are "breaking the fast" and why is that important? Try to imagine going from 10am to 8pm without ANYTHING to eat. You'd be hungry as hell and if your anything like me, mean as all get out, to go with it.
But that's FAR from the only reason to "break the fast". When your awake your metabolism slows down every few hours in it's effort to preserve energy (so imagine.. it's at a snails pace by time you wake up) and prolonged fasting — which occurs when you skip breakfast — can increase your body's insulin response, which in turn increases fat storage and weight gain. In fact, skipping breakfast actually increases your risk of obesity.

So if you wanna kick start your metabolism, the best way is to ALWAYS  have breakfast! If you don't, consider yourself doomed to a day of constant cravings..
And Not for the good for you stuff either because when you skip breakfast, you're Way more likely to skip fruits and vegetables the rest of the day!
Not just any old food items will do for your first meal of the day either. If you REALLY want to get your body started off in the right direction, make SURE you have adequate protein. I say aim for 20-30 grams  and NO LESS! People who eat a high-protein breakfast are more likely to feel full throughout the day than those who consume a high protein meal at any other time.

And if you want to add to the "burn"?.. Try adding some red pepper to that meal.

And if you wanna stay satiated Even longer? Add some fiber while your at it.
[Taken from You Losing Weight]- Red pepper, when eaten early in the day, decreases food intake later in the day. Some credit the ingredient capsaicin for being the catalyst for decreasing overall calorie intake and for increasing metabolism. It also appears to work by inhibiting sensory information from the intestines from reaching the brain, which is particularly effective in reducing appetite in low-fat diets. Capsaicin works by killing- or at least stunning- the messages that you're hungry. So add red pepper to your egg-white omelet.

Also!..Eating breakfast gives you energy, increasing your physical activity during the day. A healthy breakfast refuels your body, so do NOT skip this most important meal of the day!
If you're skipping breakfast — whether you're trying to save time or cut calories — you may want to reconsider, especially if you're trying to control your weight.

Today I was in a HUGE rush and here's what I had at 8:30am:
6oz. Chobani non-fat greek yogurt- 100cal,0fat,7carb,0fiber,18protein

1/8cup(also 2Tbs) Bear Naked Fit granola-60cal,1.2fat,11carb,1fiber,2protein

1&1/3Tbs Chia seeds-

1Tsp ground Flax seeds-

1mini box Raisins-
45cal,0fat,11carb,1fiber,0protein.. (I normally have 3/4 cup frozen berries {they are HIGH in anti-oxidants!} that have been thawed overnight in the fridge instead, but forgot to do it last night)

1/2scoop Designer Whey protein w/1/2tsp Psyllium-

Very filling, good on calories, low in fat( Tbs pb and small apple and protein drink around 11:30a will be next=good fat) and a whopping 1/3 daily fiber! Wanna slim down? Keep your fiber NO LESS THAN 25 grams a day. Most people get only about 10-15 grams in a day! I aim for 35, but not much more due to side effects I don't care for ;)

I have pre-made baggies of the 2nd,3rd and 4th ingredients. Also I like to have some days...
3-egg whites and 1-2 slices either low sodium or turkey bacon or turkey sausage on 2 slices of 100%whole wheat toast with a 1/2 piece of natural American cheese.

Remember this... Eating breakfast gets you on track to make healthy choices all day. People who eat breakfast regularly tend to eat a healthier diet — one that is more nutritious and Naturally lower in bad fats.

And ALWAYS!! Always! Make your kids eat breakfast.. because studies show that children who eat breakfast perform better on cognitive tests and in school.
Here are some of my tips to help you move more...

One of the best things you can do for yourself is More everyday movement. Walk more, move more, sit less. LOTS of natural movement is Key to a healthy weight. Park farther from the entrance at the store, make several trips to take your groceries into the house, take the stairs, etc...
IF you eat at a fast food chain, Never use the drive-thru. Anywhere. Park and WALK inside to get what you need. ( And as a big help towards your goals... while your in there, attempt to pic a healthier option)
Walk the kids to a different bus stop on the route on nice days.

Pace/walk around EVERY time your on the phone.

Take the trash out yourself instead of handling that job to someone else

Cook AND serve your family dinner, you get a 1,2,3 punch..1-More moving 2-YOU are in control to make healthy options and 3-Precious family time.Life is short.Enjoy your loved ones NOW
At home (or work) drive 1/2 mile( being aware of where 1/4 mile is) and now you have markers for when you want to walk a 1/2 mile or a whole mile. Walk or jog to either point then turn around and walk or jog home.

When you check the mail, take the longest route ( out the back door to get to the mailbox?) then go back the same way.

Walk ANYWHERE that takes you less than 5 minutes to drive....

These are just a few tips I put on my Outlaw Fitness facebook page. I welcome ANY that you guys would like to add. I'm always looking for ways to help others become more active. Which leads me to my pedometer give away....
{{ Video a little shaky.. My youngest did the recording :) }}
I too, have a pedometer and I wear it Everyday. Even when I workout (most of the time when I workout, depends what I'm doing).

I recently read that people who workout 1 hour a day but are sedentary the rest of the day burn Less calories than someone who don't do a traditional workout but are active 75-80% of the day.
So, get your regular workout in ( EVERYONE needs to because actual "exercise" is needed for WAY more benefits than JUST the calorie burn!) AND Stay active ALL day!

Congrats to the pedometer winners:
1st Place-Joanne Marsalek
2nd Place-Heather Dubin

Stay tuned for more giveaways to help you make positive changes and Get Moving!

THIS is Your Life! THE only one you have so do YOU a favor and get yourself... your body, mind and spirit Strong!

LOVE THIS LIFE! It's all we got......

Get. Feel. Be. Live. ..Strong!

Happy Friday 13th everyone! : )
I said this this morning and a woman said "Oh shit! You HAD to remind me didn't you?"

It's funny how so many people are superstitious of this day in a negative way, when the opposite is true for me. I look forward to them. It's Valentine's day that I'm leery as hell about. It's on that day that I've had things happen like.. My car window broke one year, someone stole my WHOLE workout bag one year ( I bout had a damn heart attack on THAT Valentines) and just other random things that I could really do without. But Friday the 13th's are fine by me. No problems . Yet... Knock on wood!
And it's that reason I decided that today was as good as any to make a move in my fitness career. To at least make an Attempt at something. Something kinda different...

I've been steadily taking steps to get myself where I'd like to be one of these days and today.. Well today I took a leap. I won't say just yet WHAT it is, but I'll know (hopefully) within the next month if it's a go. And IF it is, I Believe it'll end up Big. ( Well, I tend to think like that Anyway!)
I've been holding back for some reason. Could it be because of..... Fear? If so, fear of what? Of it not working? Looking dumb? Failure? Or maybe even fear of success? That last one's crazy, right? I read something on that recently and it kinda made me wonder... But I don't think that IS the case with me. Maybe the unknown? Who knows? Don't matter now anyway, because I did it. I went ahead and I leaped....
So now I'll wait and I'll keep doing consistently, what I've been doing, to get me exactly where I want to be. I ain't afraid of hard work. I welcome it. It's those things, those times in our lives that we find the Most challenging, the hardest most difficult times.. It's THOSE times that make us who we truly are and build our true character. It's during those times that we truly find out who we are and what we can really do. And let me tell you.. ALL of us.. we can do a lot! We are all so MUCH more than what we see with our eyes.  We are all fighters, We are all survivors because we've ALL, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US, have already won our biggest fight, our biggest race the hardest one we'll EVER go through, though we don't remember it. Fight, Strength and Survival is ingrained into the Very fiber of ALL of our beings...
We fought our first fight HARD. Our fight for Life itself.. and we ALL won. So WHY? Why, EVER give up once we're here?
So Live Strong and Never Give up Hope!

Happy Friday the 13th Everyone!!!

    All I can say is... Wow!  Today was Amazing!  I connected with so many awesome, yet knowledgeable people at the 1 day Learn By Doing Seminar. The presenters were Lee Burton -( Understanding and Implementing Corrective Movement Strategies) ,Mike Boyle -(Success Secrets), Alwyn Cosgrove -(The Complete Action Guide to Fat Loss programming & Coaching) and Todd Durkin -( Creating Maximum I.M.P.A.C.T. in The Fitness Field).

 I learned SO much and I can Not wait to start using all of it on myself as well as my clients. Especially my clients because they will be the real ones reaping the true benefits of all I learned today. Learning how to identify and correct movement dysfunction. Learning that by doing what I love ( helping people) will lead me to success because I help people feel Good and feeling good is what living life should be about. Learning how to TRULY incinerate fat AND build fat burning metabolism stoking muscle, all while increasing strength and mobility WITHOUT having to kill my clients in their workouts. And I learned the need to Focus and to find inspiring ways to truly move my Soul and to help others find ways to move THEIR Souls.

   To NOT be afraid and that it is the ability to overcome a challenge that makes a champion!!
Ok. So I don't REALLY know what a blog is, but I kinda get the idea. I'll give it a try and will blog from time to time on whatever.. It'll be like me.. All over. Anything, Everything and Nothing all at the same time.  I could blog about about fitness and/or nutrition, my kids, tattoos, events or just life in general. I don't know, but I guess we'll see : ) I want to thank everyone in advance for supporting me and taking this little journey into the world of blogging with me!

One more thing... IF you see a blog or post or anything you like here, Please be sure to hit those Facebook and/or Twitter buttons at the bottom. Not a HUGE deal, but your one little click could help put me on the map. Well not really, but it COULD send someone here who wouldn't have heard of me or my fitness business otherwise. So in advance.... Thank you  because those simple little clicks show Huge support and caring : )


The purpose of Outlaw Fitness/FitNut Performance is to help people lead a Healthy and Strong life, not to just get them in shape. Fitness and Nutrition combined for optimum performance for life.